Q2 2017 Update v6.0819

This weekend (August 19 & 20) we will be rolling out a major upgrade to iPoint. So when you log in on Monday, you will notice some significant changes.

Our quarterly release offers a number of new features in addition to some minor bug fixes. Below are just some of the new features we are rolling out. In the upcoming weeks we will be sending more training materials and instructions on some of the other features we are debuting.

New Features

New Task List

When you click on the Project module you will see a new Task Manager selection. Here you can quickly look at all the tasks from all active projects. Project Managers will find this new layout useful for examining the status of a job across multiple work orders. In one place managers can now complete tasks, check out notes, and modify assignments no matter where the task is.

Parts Added Report

In the Reports Module you will see a new Parts Added report. Use the options on this report to find specific parts that have been added to a work order. Want to quickly locate parts that haven’t been billed yet? Use the Billed = No option to narrow down the parts to just the added parts that still need to be paid for. Check out all the options to find specific added parts for any date range, sales order, delivery status, and so on.

QuickPDF Proposal

New in this release is the ability to print a proposal showing just the products and price. If you don’t need a cover page, scope, or other additional pages, this new options makes it easy to present your customer with a detailed list of product with a single button press.

Margin / Markup on Proposal

When building your proposal, you can decide whether to view the margin or the markup for each line item. Go to Options > Numbers (tab) > toggle Display Margin or Markup button.

Bulk Functions – increased speed

We have increased the speed of several bulk functions on a designer on a proposal. You’ll see faster system response when you select various options and actions on the Proposal Options > Bulk (tab).

Daily Webinar Training

Our free daily webinars continue to be popular as a way to introduce new employees to iPoint as well as for experts to get acquainted with various features and processes. Sign up for a webinar that matches your interest level.

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Service Bulletin


We are frequently asked if community members can upgrade to FileMaker 16. We are not ready to roll out FM16 as we are ensuring that everything works in iPoint. As soon as testing is complete we will let you know and help you through the upgrade process if needed.