P-push it Real Good: Push Multiple Receipts per PO

Purchase Orders are often broken into multiple shipments. And when the vendor does this, they will usually send multiple invoices. This trick will help your accounting staff match those invoices to the actual items received, which makes them happy campers.

push item receiptsWhen shipment A arrives, mark the items as received in iPoint and then push the item receipts for those things.
After shipment B arrives, mark the next items received and push a second item receipt to QuickBooks.
Now QuickBooks has two receipts for the two different shipments and all is well in the accounting world when it comes to matching the invoices to the packing slips.
Rinse and repeat until the entire PO has been received.

Keep in mind that QuickBooks can be somewhat fickle on multiple item receipts, so when you run into errors, you might have to manually enter the second receipt (and any subsequent receipts). If you run into trouble pushing the receipts, check the Override Item Receipt Push checkbox in the QuickBooks pop-over on the invoice (this turns the dot green) and manually adds the receipts in QB.