Owner Furnished Equipment

Occasionally you may have a client who has previously purchased a piece of equipment and would like you to install it along with the rest of their AV package. So, how do you bill the client for the labor of installing equipment they have already purchased? iPoint has you covered with a feature that allows you to easily manage owner furnished equipment (OFE).

To input a new owner furnished equipment item:

  • Open the Items module and click the New Item button at the top.
  • In the Item Name field, input the type of equipment the client has, for example OFE TV Installation Over 60”. The Manufacturer Part Number field will automatically fill in with the same equipment information.
  • In the Inventory Type dropdown list, choose Non-Inventory.
  • In the Labor Phase dropdown list, choose the phase and input the number of hours to bill the client for in the Labor Time field. In the example we’ve input 2 hours of Labor Time for the installation of our OFE TV over 60 inches because we know it’s going to take two techs to install the giant TV.
  • In the Desc. field, you can input a description for this product. This description will display on any documents that show item descriptions (Proposals, Sales Orders, etc.).