Optional Related Customer on Sales Order

You’ve probably been through this scenario. You are doing work with a contractor building a new home. And now that the new construction is done, the house gets sold and you are now doing work for the new homeowner. How do you track this in iPoint?

The Proposal/Sales Order you create will be tied to the contractor since they are paying the bill and driving the initial build. Any invoices that are created will go to the builder, and your primary communication will be with the builder.

  1. Open the Builder contact in iPoint
  2. Create a new job for the builder by clicking the Options link and choosing “Add Job for this Customer”
  3. On the new job, create a proposal to outline the work you will be doing.
  4. On the proposal, directly below the Customer Name section is a place for you to enter an Optional Related Customer – this is where you will put in the name and address of the homeowner or end user of the building.

Now, you can go to either the contractor record or the homeowner’s record in iPoint and you will find the Proposal/Sales Order is displayed in both places.