Math is Easier on Invoices

Here is a quick trick for your invoices.

When adding a line item to an invoice, you can do simple math in the Rate field to do quick calculations.

For example, if you wanted to give the customer a 10% discount, you could simply type = 2100 * .90 in the rate field to return a value of $1,890. iPoint would then change the total amount to $1890 times the Quantity sold.

Or maybe you have a number of miscellaneous, non-inventory items you are selling to your customer. Rather than have 4 lines of miscellaneous items, you could create a single line and then type = 7 + 14.90 + 12 + 23.75 to get a grand total rate of $57.65.

In order for these calculations to work, you must start the formula with the equals sign. This is the trigger that tells iPoint you want to have math calculated in the Rate field.

The following mathematics symbols are available to use in the Rate field to generate a calculation:

  • equals: =
  • plus: +
  • minus: – 
  • multiply:
  • divide:
  • parenthesis: () 

Just a simple shortcut that might save you from needing to reach for the calculator.