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Settings Module » Module Settings » Drawing

Drawing is a depreciated Legacy function that is no longer under maintenance. This page intentionally left blank. iPoint Version: 8.0219

Types of Drawings

Proposals Module » Design & Engineering » Types of Drawings

Plan Drawing A Plan Drawing is great for building a pre-wire or rough-in visual. Here is an example of a basic plan drawing in Design & Engineering. Line Drawing A Line Drawing is great for showing simple connections between items. Here is an example of line…

Design & Engineering

Proposals Module » Design & Engineering

The Design & Engineering feature is where the items added in Proposal Designer can be overlaid on to a building schematic or blueprint for a visual representation of a proposal. Design & Engineering is located in the bottom right corner of the Proposal Info tab.…


Proposals Module » Design & Engineering » Items

Items All the items added in the Proposal Designer will populate on the left side of the screen. Drag and drop the items onto the background image to add them. From there, you can resize and rename them accordingly. Once an item has been added, it will appear green in…

2022 Q4

Welcome » Change-Log » 2022 Q4

Merry Christmas!!! We’ve been hard at work getting all of our inventory ducks in a row to make sure that you have the tools you need to start 2023 on the right foot. Here are the major changes we’ve made in addition to various bug fixes. Changes Made…

Module Settings

Settings Module » Module Settings

Module Settings The module settings drive the customization of each iPoint module, allowing you to tweak the software to match the way you do business. To access the settings for each individual module, click the corresponding tab across the top. Proposals…


CRM Module » Contact Details » Documents

Documents Section In the Documents section, you can view documents that have been added to this customer’s record, such as contracts, signed proposals, etc. View the Documents List At the top of the Documents window are three valuable tools. Use the…

Project Details

Projects Module » Project Details

Project Details Projects are where you manage the labor portion of the work completed in iPoint. From here you will schedule work orders and assign tasks to your employees to ensure that jobs are completed. Projects are used for new sales (work coming from Sales…

Work Order Details

Work Orders Module » Work Order Details

Work Order The Work Order Details screen is where the actual work takes place. From here, we will change statuses, enter technicians’ time, track added parts, and track notes and images for the job. The mobile version of iPoint on an iOS device functions the…