Cover Your Butt and Get a Battery Backup

Stormy SkiesStormy Skies

It’s the middle of the night, and suddenly your phone rings. A message has popped up “WARNING – TAKE COVER NOWBAD STORM”. Sirens start going off outside, so you rush around to prepare, but wait! Your server needs to be shut down properly or your data can become corrupt! “Why oh why didn’t I get a UPS!?” you shout…

Don’t be that guy… okay so we can’t exactly control the crazy weather, but we can help you be prepared! No… we are not selling tornado shelters on the side. But did you know if a power outage occurs, your server will likely not shut down correctly, and your files can become corrupt!? Then you may have to wait over two hours for us to restore it so you don’t lose a ton of data. How much will that time cost you? I assure you, likely more than installing a battery backup, also known as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Installing a UPS for your network/server is one of the most important things you can do to protect your data.

Basically, it provides power to your server in the event of a power outage.It is extremely important to set up the UPS to do a soft shutdown of the server during a power outage. It gives you a few crucial extra minutes of server run-time in order to properly shut down all of your equipment and start-up an alternate power source, like a backup generator (if you have one). Without a battery backup, you run the risk of corrupted data, as well as lost time and money.

Hurricane Season & Extended Power Outages

If you have extra time knowing there is some impending doom – I mean hurricanes – coming your way, then you may want to shut down your server for an extended period of time before the storm hits. We can help host your file temporarily – just follow these steps:

1. Let us know when you want us to move your file.
2. We move it to our server.
3. We fully shut down the file on your server so no one accidentally connects to it.
4. You can access your file on our server until the storm has passed.
5. When you’re ready to be back, we move your file back to your server and BAM – you can connect again just like before.

Last modified: 11 Aug 2020

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