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iPoint Deployment Cycle Explained

Once an official release is finalized, it is automagically released so that everyone is on the current version.

However, development continues after an official release is created and the code can change based on a couple of elements.

  • As bugs are discovered they are squashed and fixed in the βeta release.
  • As community members suggest feature requests and they are developed, they are added to the βeta version of the software.

The βeta version of the software is then deployed based on one of the following criteria:

  • Any community member who utilizes the software where the bug resided will be updated.
  • Those requesting the new feature will be updated if they have agreed to be a βeta tester.

Once bug squashes and feature requests have been fully tested, a new current release will be deployed to everyone.

Features documented on this page have been added since the last release. This page is updated as new features are created and updated. However, these features are not yet part of an official release, so you may not be able to use them until the official release is complete. This page will help you see the ongoing work being completed by the development team. Note: While this list isn’t comprehensive, it does list the majority of the changes and upgrades we’ve made to iPoint.

New Feature
Updated Feature
Bug Squashed
Changes to Mobile iOS
New in 10.0123: New features are highlighted in the manual text in green along with the version number where the feature first appeared.

Navigation Dashboard

No new features for the Dashboard at this time.


The Head End list is now pre-populated with the locations as defined in the Proposal. But you can still add your own Head End Location manually.

If the original item was marked as optional then the new replacement item will also be marked as Optional.

Sales Orders

Squashed a bug in the Change Order process that would reveal incorrect numbers when a part was removed without its associated accessories.


We added a Print Parts List button to the Parts List tab on a project. This is so you can quickly generate a paper copy of all the parts used in a project.

While looking at a list of work orders on a project, Un-assigned and work orders without a date are listed at the top of the Work Order History.

Work Orders

No new features for the Work Orders module at this time.




The Invoice List can now be sorted by the name of the user who created the invoice.

Printed and PDF’d invoices now only show the total at the bottom of the last page, instead of on every page like it used to be.


You can now have iPoint automatically charge your customer’s credit card for recurring payments (like a security monitoring invoice.) Note: This is a Beta Feature.

Credit memos

Delivery Invoices

Recurring Invoices

We have done some major enhancements to the Recurring Invoice function making it easier to create invoices on a schedule for things like Security Monitoring or Service contracts.


No new features for the Assignments module at this time.


No new features for the CRM module at this time.


No new features for the Vendors module at this time.


No new features for the Items module at this time.


No new features for the Inventory module at this time.

Purchase Orders

No new features for the Purchase Orders module at this time.


No new features for the RMA module at this time.


Permission Sets

Punch Lists

Notification Builder

Added two new search criteria to the Invoice New Notification Trigger, (Recurring invoice and RFP / Delivery / Standard)


When you import your customer list from QuickBooks and you already have customers in iPoint, there is a new button that automates the sync of these two contacts.

When you import your vendor list from QuickBooks and you already have vendors in iPoint, there is a new button that automates the sync of these two contacts.

When you import your items list from QuickBooks and you already have items in iPoint, there is a new button that automates the sync of these two item lists.

Custom Templates

Document Builder

Module Settings

The tab order for details on an item in the designer has been adjusted to speed up iPoint. The adjustment removed the markup field from the tab order. If you want to keep the markup field as part of the tab order, we have a new setting for that!

Work Orders
We added a new setting to save time completing work orders. Now you can Go Home on Work Order Check-Out which takes the technician back to the iPoint dashboard when they finish a work order.

You can now create separate default emails and invoice footer text for RFP invoices.


Morning Coffee

iPoint Support

No new features for the Support module at this time.


The Sales Order Delivered Not Invoiced report can now be summarized by Design (Name of the Sales Order)


No new features for the Autos module at this time.

Time Clock

No new features for the Time Clock module at this time.


No new features for the Calendar module at this time.


No new features for the Marketing module at this time.

iPoint Version: 10.0208
Last modified: 22 Feb 2021

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