iPoint version 5.02.18

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iPoint version 5.02.18


New Advanced Payment Functions

With our new Advanced Payment Functions you can now perform all payment functions in iPoint without any help from QuickBooks.

  • Receive a deposit and save as a credit
  • Apply a single payment to multiple invoices
  • Apply available credits to invoices
  • Sync it all with QuickBooks

Its A Smorgasbord of Bulk

We have been working hard so you don’t have to, and have finally finished a much anticipated feature in our Proposal Designer. Bulk functions are finally here and we think you’ll really appreciate the new power they you to make big changes. Here is a list of a few of our favorite’s!

  • Create new proposal from selected allows you to grab a batch of items and spin of a brand new proposal
  • Re Price on Margin will allow you to update all the selected items prices based on a  fixed margin
  • Quantity will make quick work of changing a  group of wire runs in a specific location

Streamlined Notifications

When it comes to sending notifications, we have a ton a triggers and parameters, but because of all that power and flexibility, it was sometimes a daunting task to build them all. Well, we heard you, and we streamlined the creation and management of the notifications. We also added a new function that allows you to easily notify many people from a  single notification.

The Check Box Completes The Task!

Say What!!! You mean when I check the box on the task list it actually completes the task? Yeah Yeah we know, that one seemed obvious and we have bowed to the wishes of the masses. So now, on the mobile version of the task list, you’ll notice the check box has a new look and when you check the box the task is immediately completed. Your welcome 😉