iPoint version 4.06.24

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iPoint version 4.06.24


Change Order Improvements

Have you ever wished that you could require a customer to sign off on a change order before it takes effect? Have you wanted to remove 1 or 2 units of an item without removing the whole line on a change order? Have you ever removed an item, but you didn’t want to credit your client for the item?

Now you can do all that and more!  Check out the video and the companion Work Flow to see the whole slew of new features with Sales Orders.

Barcode Scanning Comes to iPoint

Sick of having to look up items by manufacturer? Wish you could scan what your customers are buying just like every other retailer? Want to scan in items to receive them on a PO?

Yep, iPoint can do all this now!  Check out the video to learn more about barcodes in the Items and Inventory modules and check out the Change Log to see everywhere in iPoint you can use barcodes.

 Purchasing & Inventory Module Enhancements

New in iPoint, you can now order items from an existing PO. You can also take items you’ve ordered for stock and allocate them to a sales order. We’ve also added a Transfer/Request Form where you can request items be ordered for a specific location or you can easily transfer your stock from one location to another.

New in Projects

iPoint has taken some great strides in making billing for project and work orders more straight forward.  We’ve also add a project summary report to so you can send your customers a nice report for the whole project.  In addition, you can now mark a note as internal, so that it won’t show up on any customer reports.