iPoint User Groups – See what you missed!

iPoint community members have just finished User Groups and the response has been very positive. We wanted to share briefly some of the information shared between iPoint Community Members.

Request for Payment – Discussion on which billing method works best. Learned about the new Liability RFP billing model and talked about how that positively impacts financial statements

Inventory – Talked about the pros and cons of tracking inventory in QuickBooks as well as iPoint. About half of our members are currently using iPoint only to track inventory and are not pushing inventory quantities to QuickBooks. We also talked about who delivers products and when that process takes place in iPoint.

Sales Tax – We discussed a number of tax issues, how to track taxes under special circumstances as well as how to ensure that customers are charged the correct sales tax rate.

Printed Invoices – We shared tricks on how to best present the invoice to the customer for payment. Do you send line item detail or a summary invoice, and why? And how do you send partial billing to customers?

User Groups are designed as a networking opportunity where like sized, non-competing businesses can ask business questions and exchange best practices. These quarterly meetings are generally centered around a primary topic but participants are free to ask questions of one another for other issues as well.
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