I Came. I Saw. I Printed a Combined SO Report

After completing a change order, you can print a combined sales order report for your client. Combined SO reports are useful because they show the contracted sales order with any change orders you’ve added.

Depending on your preferences (or on what your customer wants to see), you can choose from a detailed or a summary report:

  • detailed report will show all of the individual product additions and subtractions you’ve made on this sales order.
  • A summary report will just show the net amounts of each product. Like in the sample image above, if you had 5 Samsung TVs and you removed 2 via a change order, it would only show 3 Samsung TVs.

Create a Combined Sales Order Report

To create a Combined Sales Order, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Sales Orders module
  2. Choose a sales order from the list
  3. Click the Reports tab
  4. Click the Client Combined Sales Order button (under Client Reports)
  5. In the popover menu, choose which type of report you would like to view:
    1. Detailed
    2. Summary
  6. If you have any unapproved change orders, a popup window will open asking if you would like to show the unapproved change order(s) in the report:
    1. Click the Show button to show unapproved change orders, OR
    2. Click the Hide button to hide the unapproved change orders