How Do I Turn it Off?? An Auto-Deliver Product Story

The auto-deliver product function is pretty handy for those stand-alone (AKA point of sale) invoices where a customer can walk in off the street and buy products without having them installed.

However, sometimes you might want to turn off this default iPoint functionality. You may like having the option to turn off auto-delivery if:

  • You have a warehouse manager who manages all of your product staging and delivery
  • You want to be able to specify where each item is pulled from (and you don’t want to use the default inventory location)

Turning off auto-deliver will prevent the product from being automatically delivered when you’re tabbing through the invoice or when you click on the Delivered box*.

Note: If you use barcode scanning to add products, iPoint will still auto-deliver products.

Turn Off Auto-Deliver

Complete the following steps to turn off the auto-deliver product function:

  1. Open the Settings module
  2. Go to Module Settings
  3. Click the Invoices tab
  4. Tick the Don’t Auto Deliver Product checkbox