Help! iPoint stopped talking to Google Calendar

If you are using the Google Calendar integration with iPoint to display your iPoint generated Work Orders and Events, we have an important tip for you today.

Google requires you to reauthorize your integration with iPoint every 6 months. Google issues a security certificate to iPoint which allows us to pass information to your calendar. That certificate expires, even if you are utilizing the process every day.

To re-authenticate your Google connection:

  1. go to Settings > Integrations > and select the Google tab.
  2. Click Authorize Google Calendar
  3. iPoint will display the Google authorization window where you will click “Allow” to let iPoint talk to Google.
    • Note you will have to be logged in to your Google account for this to work.
  4. Once you see the iPoint logo (from our webpage) click the Step 2 button Initialize Authorization.
  5. You have now regenerated the authorization that lets iPoint and Google talk again for the next half a year.

Remember, you will need to reauthorize the iPoint > Google process twice a year.