Don't let things fall through the cracks.

We understand, with first-hand experience, the frustration of limited project management, confusing or complicated interfaces, and poor service/problem resolution that other industry-specific softwares provide.

With iPoint, you obtain more than just software. Our professionals will create a plan to deploy, integrate, migrate, test and train your organization to experience the full potential of our platform.

Beyond customer service, our approach is to create a partnership with your audio-video business and provide ongoing support and maintenance for our application with lifetime upgrades and troubleshooting.


iPoint is best of the cloud while keeping your data safe and secure in your possession. iPoint creates a private cloud for your company, meaning you keep control of your data at all times, while making it accessible from anywhere with internet.

iPoint has been created with your business in mind. By working with hundreds of audio video companies we have created variants within iPoint to accommodate your business profile.

Absolutely! We focus on the Audio Video and technology sector due to its unique challenges, however we are able to provide a comprehensive solution for almost any service based company.

Follow our guide below to get you up and running in two weeks.

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Bringing iPoint to your business in 3 steps

Request a Demo

Discuss your business needs to see how iPoint can increase your workplace efficiency and profitability.

Purchase iPoint

Backed by our money-back guarantee, our team is ready to deploy iPoint and migrate your data.

Ready to Rock

Our online university has a dedicated training course to make each member of your team an iPoint ninja. Your team can start using the software in as little as two weeks.