Development Roadmap

Hey – what’s that coming down the road?

Have you ever wondered what our developers are up to next? Have a pending feature request you’re wondering about? Check out what those developers are working on and what you may see coming down the road to iPoint!

Actively Developing:

  • Tech App Enhancements
    • Have the Tech App work when there isn’t any internet and there isn’t a cell signal for miles.
    • We are adding features to the Tech App like adding and delivering parts
  • Inventory Overhaul
    • We are completely revamping the interface for requesting/staging/delivering parts. The new interface will be consistent throughout iPoint so whether you are delivering an item from a Sales Order, Project, Work Order, or Invoice, you will see the same screen with the same buttons and same options.
    • Yes that means you’ll be able to print labels from Projects, Work Orders, and Invoices
    • We are also adding the ability to track a single item from purchase through delivery with serialized stock IDs
  • Recurring Revenue (RMR)
    • This has been a few stages in the making with creating recurring invoices and the ability to bulk send invoices
    • Next is for Recurring invoices to be automatically sent and also auto-charge the customer’s credit card on file
    • After that, we’ll look at creating a service contract module where you can sell plans with different hours and levels of service. These would be auto charged monthly and work done would be tracked against the sold hours.

Next on our plate:

  • Proposal Adjustments
    • Flat Dollar Modifiers
    • Unlimited Customizable Modifiers
      • Able to turn on and off modifier per item or CO
      • Set cost and taxability per modifier
  • Design & Engineering

Down the Road:

  • Work Order/Scheduling Adjustments
    • Text Reminders
    • Improve Scheduling Workflow
  • Ticketing System