Crush Your Workday: Add Tasks From a Project to an Existing WO

Come on down to the Silverdome for a thrill-show spectacular! Sunday! Sunday! Sund—

Er.. where were we? Right, tasks! Ahem. Increase your productivity and crush your workday with this helpful tip.

new from project

New From Project Button

To add tasks from a project to an existing work order:

  1. Open an existing WO
  2. Click the Tasks/Parts button
  3. Click the New From Project button
  4. This will open the Task Picker window
    1. Anything with a blue “W” along the right edge is already on a work order)
  5. At the top of the Task Picker are several fields to allow you to tailor your choices:
    task picker window

    Add Tasks in the Task Picker Window

    1. Set up to two levels of filters to find tasks by specific location, project phase, task type, etc.
    2. Change the sort order to sort by manufacturer, location, phase, etc.
    3. Use the wild card search
    4. Tick any of four check boxes to see additional information in the list (task completion status, tech assigned, task description, and product manufacturer)
    5. Click the Toggle All button to select or deselect all tasks
  6. Select the tasks you want to add by ticking the check boxes along the right side of the Task Picker
  7. Note the Total Selected Task ETC listed at the bottom of the screen
  8. Click the Add Selected Tasks button