Cruise Ctrl+Z


Remove Ugly Copy/Paste Formatting With Ctrl+Z

Keyboard shortcuts like copy (ctrl+c) and paste (ctrl+v) can help you turbocharge through document creation and data transfer. Anything that can save hours of time and money gets a big thumbs up from us. However, timesavers like copy/paste sometimes come with unintended consequences. If you’ve ever copied data over from a database or the internet and pasted it into iPoint, you know that the text formatting will come with it and sometimes that formatting is uuuuuuugly. Never fear, another keyboard shortcut, ctrl+z, is here to speedily solve those ugly formatting issues.

How to Remove Formatting Using Ctrl+Z

Remove unsightly, hard-to-read fonts and formatting from pasted-in text by completing the following steps:

  1. Copy the text you want (ctrl+c)
  2. Paste the text into iPoint (ctrl+v)
  3. Type ctrl+z*. The text formatting will be removed, leaving you with iPoint’s default font and formatting.
  4. If you hit ctrl+z a second time, it will “undo” the pasted text (removing your pasted text completely)

Check out the example at top right featuring some Bacon Ipsum text (faux-Latin and meat placeholder text) and some extra ugly fonts. Nothing about those fonts says professional, or easily readable, so the quicker we can get rid of the formatting, the better!

*For all of you Mac users out there: You probably know this by now, as the world is written for Windows users, but you’ll need to use command+z instead of ctrl+z.