Commercial Text Mode

Are you finding it hard to scan the line-item amounts on your proposals because they’re lined up on the dollar sign? We recently created a Commercial Text Mode which gives you the option of right-aligning all amounts in your line items. Eye strain, be gone!

To turn on Commercial Text Mode:

  • Go to the Settings Module and select Custom Templates from the list of settings.
  • Choose the specific template you would like to customize from the list of templates down the right side of your screen.
  • Go to the Options tab and then click on the Report Settings tab.
  • In the Reporting Settings tab, click the checkbox next to Commercial Text Mode* (the second-to-last item in the list) to turn on the feature.

When printing your proposal, you will notice that now all of the amounts are now right-aligned with the decimal points lining up—making them far easier to read!

*NOTE: Beginning with the next release, Commercial Text Mode will be renamed to the much more descriptive “Right-Aligned Amounts.” Whew!