Clones Are Proposals Two

Clone a proposal in the Options popover menu

Cloning isn’t just for sheep anymore. In iPoint you can clone a proposal to jump start a bid. Cloning a proposal is very useful when you will be creating proposals for a frequently used design, such as for a builder who will be building multiple version of the same house. Cloned proposals will save you a ton of time and your fingers will thank you!

A great technique you can use is to create a “Ready to Clone” proposal. A “Ready to Clone” proposal is basically a template proposal that you can keep ready in your Proposals List for anytime you need to use it.

Create a “Ready to Clone” Proposal

  1. From the Proposals List, click the New Proposal button
  2. Input “Ready to Clone” as the Proposal Name
  3. Input the rest of the proposal information that you would like for this clone
  4. Customer Name:
    1. You can either keep the Customer Name field empty OR
    2. You can input the name of a builder that you often need to create clones for
    3. If you would like to add Products in the proposal, you must select a customer Name
  5. Click the Designer button to add products, if desired
  6. Click Go to List to return to the Proposals List
  7. Locate the Ready to Clone proposal in the Proposals List and tick the Archive checkbox at far right (archiving the proposal will keep it from being an active proposal in your records)
  8. A popup window will open and ask “Should we set the status for the proposal to Declined?”
    1. Click the No button
  9. A second window will open asking you to input a reason the proposal was lost.
    1. In the Required Reason Lost Description field, type in “Making Ready to Clone Proposal” for your recordsIn

To Locate the Ready to Clone Proposal in the Future

From the Proposals List:

  1. Click the Options button
  2. Click the Show Archived button
  3. Locate the proposal in the list

From the CRM module (if you assigned a Customer Name for the “Ready to Clone” proposal):

  1. Open the customer record from the Contact List
  2. Open the Proposals section
  3. Select the “Ready to Clone” proposal from the list of proposals

Clone a Specific Proposal

Complete the following steps to clone a proposal:

  1. From the Proposals List
  2. Open the specific proposal you would like to clone
  3. Click the Options button at top right, which will open the Options popover menu
  4. In the Cloning Tab, click either the Clone this Proposal button or the Clone With Contact Info button:
    1. Clone this Proposal button
      1. A popup window will open confirming that you would like to create a clone
      2. Click Yes to confirm
      3. Choose a customer for the new proposal from the Customer Name (Bill To) dropdown list
      4. Add a Proposal Name
    2. Clone With Contact Info button
      1. A popup window will open confirming that you would like to create a clone
      2. Click Yes to confirm
      3. The customer from the original proposal will automatically be chosen; however, you may choose a different customer from the Customer Name (Bill To) dropdown list
      4. Change the Proposal Name, if desired. It will be named “[Original Name] Clone” by default
  1. Add or remove products, if necessary, in the Designer
  2. Make any additional changes to the proposal that may be needed

What proposal information is cloned

  • All of the basic proposal information in the Proposal Info tab, such as:
    • The Optional Related Customer info and Tax Rate from column one
    • Sales Staff Name, Project Manager, Technical Designer, Proposal Class, Proposal Type, and Proposal Status from column two
    • All of the modifiers from column three
  • Any information from the Locations, Groups, and Scope of Work tabs
  • Any contract changes made in the Reports tab
  • All of the products added to the original proposal

What proposal information isn’t cloned

  • Any custom data list items added in the Custom Data List tab
  • Any cover page image added in the Cover Page Image tab
  • Any revisions created in the Revisions tab
  • Any attached documents or assignments added in the Docs / Assignments tab
  • Any time clocked for the original proposal in the Time tab