Check Yo’self… with the Added Parts Report

The Added Parts Report is a very handy report that allows you to search and sort all of your added parts by specific criteria. One of the most important uses of this feature is that you can easily see any parts that have not been delivered or billed.

Creating an Added Parts Report

To Run an Added Parts Report:

  1. Open the Reports module
  2. Under Work Orders, select Added Parts
  3. An Options menu will open to allow you to choose from several search criteria:
    • A date range
    • Parts added by a particular employee
    • Parts that have been billed (or not billed)
    • Parts that have been delivered (or not delivered)
  4. You may also sort your parts report by up to 3 properties:
    • Sales Order
    • Project
    • Work Order
    • Added By
    • Date Added
    • Billed
  5. Click the Run Report Button
parts added report

Parts Added Report

The Report

The Parts Added Report shows:

  • The item name
  • The quantity
  • Any memos regarding the part
  • How many were delivered
  • Sales order number
  • Project number
  • Work order number
  • Invoice number
  • Cost for each item
  • Total cost of all of the items on the report

Click into Sales Orders, Projects, Work Orders, and Invoices for Details

You can click any reference id number field and you will be taken to that record. For example, if you clicked on the Sales Order number for the 4M Power Cord in the sample Parts Added Report above, you would be taken to that specific Sales Order record. You would return to the report by clicking the red close dot in the top-left corner of your iPoint window to close the record.

You can updated your search or sort criteria, as well as print, save, or view a PDF of the report by clicking the Options button at the top of your report.