iPoint Names New Leadership in Light of Rapid Growth

iPoint LLC, a full-service business management software provider serving the home technology market, today announced the promotion of Brian Good from national sales leader to vice president of sales and marketing, and the appointment of Dave Maurer as director of training and support.

“A critical part of meeting the operational needs of our customers is creating a team that fully understands the roles, processes, and workflows of the industry,” said Brooks Swift, founder and CEO of iPoint. “With Brian leading the sales side and Dave on training and support, iPoint has a seasoned team of professionals with a proven track record of solving the challenges facing our customers. As iPoint continues to grow at a rapid pace, they will be instrumental to our success and visibility.”

With more than 10 years of customer service, sales, and training experience, Good has a deep knowledge of how to create and implement efficient development strategies that ensure success. Prior to joining iPoint, he held executive, analyst, sales, and training positions for a range of companies, guiding his territories to year-over-year growth and helping develop software solutions to improve operational processes. He holds a bachelor’s degree in corporate communications from Washburn University.

For the past decade, Maurer was a successful member of Lewis Audio Video’s management team in Portland, Oregon. In his role, he helped guide the organization through tough economic times, streamlined practices and processes, and diversified product offerings as well as championed the professional growth of the staff. Beyond his experience with Lewis Audio Video, he provided business and financial guidance as principal consultant for Emidor Business Consulting. His background also includes extensive business management experience across a vast range of markets, including education, construction trades, non-profits, and the music industry, where he was tasked with strengthening existing infrastructure and improving customer service and processes. He holds an MBA in technology management from the University of Phoenix.

A Mobile Solution To Run an A/V Business? Yeah- We Got That!!!

I have had lots of questions regarding whether iPoint is really as effective from the field as it is from the office, what the interface looks like between different devices, and how the actual workflow process functions.  I thought this is a good medium to push some information out on a larger scale.  The short answer is that iPoint is fully functional from the field.

What Can iPoint Do From The Field?

  • Proposals
  • Sales Orders
  • Project Management
  • Work Orders
  • Invoicing
  • Assignments/Tickets
  • CRM
  • Purchase Orders
  • Returns
  • Mileage Tracking
  • Expense Reporting
  • Automatic Notifications
  • Scheduling
  • Time Clocking
  • Reporting

What Can iPoint Not Do From The Field?

  • When a proposal is generated on an iPad, the personalized cover page we create for each individual company does not attach to the email that can be sent directly to the customer in real time.  Most of our clients can live with that.

We believe that consistency matters and have been very careful to ensure that the user interface can remain constant regardless of the type of device you are using.  This allows users to go from device to device without overcoming a major learning curve.  This philosophy allows businesses to create repeatable, scalable workflow processes that can be followed from any device, anywhere in the world.

What Does The iPoint Dashboard Look Like on a Computer?

What Does The iPoint Dashboard Look Like on an iPad?

What Does The iPoint Dashboard Look Like on an iPhone?

How does the workflow process function?

iPoint has been designed from the ground up by real life scenarios arising within the CE industry.  iPoint is designed to meet the specific and complicated needs of the Consumer Electronics industry as opposed to being made elsewhere and retrofit to try and meet these demands.  Therefore the workflow process inside iPoint is specifically applicable to you and your business.

What Do iPoint Partners Think About The Training, Implementation Process, And The Platform?

Even the best technology is worthless without the right training.  We do not charge for initial training, QuickBooks integration, or to maintain access to our training database.  As a matter of fact, we update our training database as we roll out new features.

“I have said this to many people…I am definitely getting what I paid for (and so much more) with iPoint. I am so impressed with the design and the ability to virtually run the entire company thru iPoint…from A to Z!!  

Everyday I learn something new that I never would have thought would be a function, and it all works so well.  I just wanted to tell you that I am really enjoying using iPoint and I had no idea how incredibly intuitive it is.

Very well done with this product. The same can also be said for your customer support.    I am extremely happy I found iPoint and gave it a shot because this is already improving my business”

Gregory Landis, Logic One Solutions

“iPoint Control support team has been prompt and attentive to our needs. Their process and guidance during the implementation of the software was above and beyond expectations. iPoint Control software has consolidated our communication and information into 1 source for everyone in the company to access. All data is at hand, easy to get to and fast. SES Design Group would recommend iPoint Control for any company wanting to consolidate information, maximize efficiency and provide management insight in to all phases of the business operations.”

Michael Beam, SES Design Group


“Running at a 50 % annual growth rate these past several years made it imperative that we automate our business processes. After months of searching for a suitable PSA package tailored for our industry, we were pleased to have found iPoint Control.
Brooks did a great job configuring his feature rich software in such a way as to provide the majority of what we needed in a PSA package. The real time nature of our business here in the Silicon Valley put some restraints on the software that Brooks was quick to modify. It is hard to imagine that any software group could have been more responsive.
The tech’s are happy not to have to use pencil and paper to document their time clock punches. Collaboration amongst all members of the staff has improved due to the centralization of job and customer data through the use of the “Digital File Cabinet”. Proposal generation is much more efficient as is invoicing and purchase order creation.
If you are looking for a solution that streamlines your business processes, be sure to take a close look at iPoint Control.”

John Pilger, Audio Video Evolution


“We been integrating iPoint over the last few month’s. We are impressed with the software and have only begun to scratch the surface of what it can do. Throughout the process, the training and support from Brooks and his team has been phenomenal. Of the numerous service and software providers we deal with company wide, iPoint service has proven to be head and shoulders above the rest. Big thanks to the iPoint team!”

Shawn Booker, Refined Systems, LLC.

Our core focus is to create perceptive solutions to solve everyday problems and provide procedural wisdom to help businesses increase profitability and reduce chaos.  We do this through organized workflow, processes, communication, and documentation.  We do it well.

I invite you to find out more about iPoint by visiting our website atwww.ipointsolutions.net or call me directly at (913) 215-9710.

iPoint representatives will be attending CEDIA this year as well, so I invite you to come by the iPoint booth and see why iPoint is the right partner for you.

iPoint version 5.02.18

iP icon Logo

iPoint version 5.02.18


New Advanced Payment Functions

With our new Advanced Payment Functions you can now perform all payment functions in iPoint without any help from QuickBooks.

  • Receive a deposit and save as a credit
  • Apply a single payment to multiple invoices
  • Apply available credits to invoices
  • Sync it all with QuickBooks

Its A Smorgasbord of Bulk

We have been working hard so you don’t have to, and have finally finished a much anticipated feature in our Proposal Designer. Bulk functions are finally here and we think you’ll really appreciate the new power they you to make big changes. Here is a list of a few of our favorite’s!

  • Create new proposal from selected allows you to grab a batch of items and spin of a brand new proposal
  • Re Price on Margin will allow you to update all the selected items prices based on a  fixed margin
  • Quantity will make quick work of changing a  group of wire runs in a specific location

Streamlined Notifications

When it comes to sending notifications, we have a ton a triggers and parameters, but because of all that power and flexibility, it was sometimes a daunting task to build them all. Well, we heard you, and we streamlined the creation and management of the notifications. We also added a new function that allows you to easily notify many people from a  single notification.

The Check Box Completes The Task!

Say What!!! You mean when I check the box on the task list it actually completes the task? Yeah Yeah we know, that one seemed obvious and we have bowed to the wishes of the masses. So now, on the mobile version of the task list, you’ll notice the check box has a new look and when you check the box the task is immediately completed. Your welcome 😉

iPoint version 4.08.16

iP icon Logo

iPoint version 4.08.16

The Dashboard is completely redesigned for a more modern look, we changed Team Tasks so much that we felt obligated to rename it to Assignments, the Calendar received an overhaul, Custom Templates are now much more customizable, and much more!

Introducing Assignments

Team Tasks was great, but didn’t you wish you could add a note or an attachment to a task right from a proposal or a PO? From the team that brought you barcode scanning, iPoint is proud to introduce Assignments! Add an assignment to your boss, your coworker, or your minion from anywhere in iPoint and the functionality is the exact same as if you were in the Assignments Module. Check out the video for more information.


Increased Calendar Functionality

Project Milestones, loads of new settings, the Calendar has some awesome improvements this go around that you definitely should check out. You can now also select individual people whose calendars you want to see, so you don’t have to create a whole new calendar group just to see a couple of people’s calendars together.  Watch out the video to learn more!


New in Proposals and Sales Orders

Lots of great stuff here! We’ve added a picture book so you can sell AV gear to 2 year olds (or customers that really like visuals). You can now add a customized data list so you can require certain questions be answered before the designer is entered, a sales order is archived, etc. We added more space for notes on the client proposal so you can type to your hearts content. Check out the video to see even more cool things we added.


Custom Templates

You can now Customize your custom templates to an extreme degree in iPoint.  You are now in control of your contract page, your grand totals section, what’s shown/hidden on your client proposal by default, and your payment schedule with each custom template you make. Check out the video for more information.


Other Noteworthy Changes

Dashboard – Updated for a cleaner more modern look.  We’ve also added a message board that Admin users can edit to alert users of any noteworthy messages.

POs & Master Packs – The details button on a PO will now turn Orange if the item is a member of a master pack so you are aware that you can order it in bulk if you want to.

Coming Soon to an iPoint Near You

Your diligent iPoint team has listened to you and we are hard at work to improve the Contacts Module into a full-blown CRM. We have plans to separate current customers from leads and provide pipeline fields so you can better track your needs and estimate potential sales. We also have plans to enhance email features including scheduling reminders, bulk newsletter emails, and more.  Excited? So are we!

iPoint version 4.06.24

iP icon Logo

iPoint version 4.06.24


Change Order Improvements

Have you ever wished that you could require a customer to sign off on a change order before it takes effect? Have you wanted to remove 1 or 2 units of an item without removing the whole line on a change order? Have you ever removed an item, but you didn’t want to credit your client for the item?

Now you can do all that and more!  Check out the video and the companion Work Flow to see the whole slew of new features with Sales Orders.

Barcode Scanning Comes to iPoint

Sick of having to look up items by manufacturer? Wish you could scan what your customers are buying just like every other retailer? Want to scan in items to receive them on a PO?

Yep, iPoint can do all this now!  Check out the video to learn more about barcodes in the Items and Inventory modules and check out the Change Log to see everywhere in iPoint you can use barcodes.

 Purchasing & Inventory Module Enhancements

New in iPoint, you can now order items from an existing PO. You can also take items you’ve ordered for stock and allocate them to a sales order. We’ve also added a Transfer/Request Form where you can request items be ordered for a specific location or you can easily transfer your stock from one location to another.

New in Projects

iPoint has taken some great strides in making billing for project and work orders more straight forward.  We’ve also add a project summary report to so you can send your customers a nice report for the whole project.  In addition, you can now mark a note as internal, so that it won’t show up on any customer reports.