Help! iPoint stopped talking to Google Calendar

If you are using the Google Calendar integration with iPoint to display your iPoint generated Work Orders and Events, we have an important tip for you today.

Google requires you to reauthorize your integration with iPoint every 6 months. Google issues a security certificate to iPoint which allows us to pass information to your calendar. That certificate expires, even if you are utilizing the process every day.

To re-authenticate your Google connection:

  1. go to Settings > Integrations > and select the Google tab.
  2. Click Authorize Google Calendar
  3. iPoint will display the Google authorization window where you will click “Allow” to let iPoint talk to Google.
    • Note you will have to be logged in to your Google account for this to work.
  4. Once you see the iPoint logo (from our webpage) click the Step 2 button Initialize Authorization.
  5. You have now regenerated the authorization that lets iPoint and Google talk again for the next half a year.

Remember, you will need to reauthorize the iPoint > Google process twice a year.

FileMaker and Anti-Virus: These kids don’t play well together

Some of our community members have called in saying that iPoint has decided to turn the text into gibberish. The menu items and various texts have been converted and are unreadable!

The primary cause of this font change is the anti-virus software on your computer.

iPoint displays gibberish text


Here is the solution. Try these steps in the following sequence:

  1. Set your antivirus software to NOT scan C:/Program Files/Filemaker and/or C:/Program Files x86/filemaker depending on which version is installed.
  2. If step #1 doesn’t work, try restarting FileMaker.
  3. If step #2 does not solve the problem, try restarting your computer.
  4. In rare cases, steps #1-#3 won’t work. If that happens, FileMaker has additional steps you can try. Visit

If you need assistance with this, please call our helpful support staff.

Onsite Training

iPoint is pleased to announce the availability of live, on-site training for you and your staff.

While we take great care to provide University, webinar, and live phone coaching, sometimes there is nothing better than to have a live trainer working exclusively with your staff in your office.

Our standard, three-day training seminar covers all of the major iPoint components and will help your

  • Sales Staff
  • Project Managers
  • Ordering and Fulfillment personnel
  • Accounting staff
  • Technicians
  • System Administrators

Personalized training will help each associate master their job roles within the iPoint software.

Cost of training: $6,000 (includes 3-days on site and all travel expenses)
Additional days available by request ($1,500 per day)

Training is conducted at your office and with your data by Dave Maurer, our Director of Training and Support.

This Onsite Training brochure has all the details and specifications.


Tracking Expenses

Extra Job Expenses? No worries, iPoint is the app for that

Your techs are the people who solve your customers’ problems. So if they need to add parts for a job, you want to capture those expenses and pass them to your customers as appropriate.

The enhanced Expense Tracking in iPoint allows you to easily pass those charges to your customers, with or without a markup.

Google Calendar Integration

Have a Date for the Prom? You can track it in iPoint and Google Calendars

Have a Date for the Prom? You can track it in iPoint and Google Calendars
Many iPoint Community members use Google Calendars to track business appointments. But did you know that iPoint integrates with Google Calendars?You can have all your iPoint generated work orders, company events, and Assignments pushed to Google Calendar so you only need to look one place to find your daily schedule.

Will That Be Cash, Check or Dances with MarySue? Flexible Payment Options

iPoint gives you the ability to have multiple payment schedules and contracts for your customers. You may have a different payment schedule for residential versus commercial customers, for example. Or you might require a different contract for new construction as compared to retrofit work.

Q2 2017 Update v6.0819

This weekend (August 19 & 20) we will be rolling out a major upgrade to iPoint. So when you log in on Monday, you will notice some significant changes.

Our quarterly release offers a number of new features in addition to some minor bug fixes. Below are just some of the new features we are rolling out. In the upcoming weeks we will be sending more training materials and instructions on some of the other features we are debuting.

New Features

New Task List

When you click on the Project module you will see a new Task Manager selection. Here you can quickly look at all the tasks from all active projects. Project Managers will find this new layout useful for examining the status of a job across multiple work orders. In one place managers can now complete tasks, check out notes, and modify assignments no matter where the task is.

Parts Added Report

In the Reports Module you will see a new Parts Added report. Use the options on this report to find specific parts that have been added to a work order. Want to quickly locate parts that haven’t been billed yet? Use the Billed = No option to narrow down the parts to just the added parts that still need to be paid for. Check out all the options to find specific added parts for any date range, sales order, delivery status, and so on.

QuickPDF Proposal

New in this release is the ability to print a proposal showing just the products and price. If you don’t need a cover page, scope, or other additional pages, this new options makes it easy to present your customer with a detailed list of product with a single button press.

Margin / Markup on Proposal

When building your proposal, you can decide whether to view the margin or the markup for each line item. Go to Options > Numbers (tab) > toggle Display Margin or Markup button.

Bulk Functions – increased speed

We have increased the speed of several bulk functions on a designer on a proposal. You’ll see faster system response when you select various options and actions on the Proposal Options > Bulk (tab).

Daily Webinar Training

Our free daily webinars continue to be popular as a way to introduce new employees to iPoint as well as for experts to get acquainted with various features and processes. Sign up for a webinar that matches your interest level.

Proposals / Sales – click to register

Project Manager / Scheduling – click to register

Purchasing / Staging – click to register

Billing – click to register

Request for Payment Billing – click to register

Technicians / Work Ordersclick to register

Service Bulletin


We are frequently asked if community members can upgrade to FileMaker 16. We are not ready to roll out FM16 as we are ensuring that everything works in iPoint. As soon as testing is complete we will let you know and help you through the upgrade process if needed.

iPoint version 6.02.04

iP icon Logo

iPoint version 6.02.04

The focus of our first update in 2017 is Technician’s usability in the field. Our most frequent user requests are to improve the functionality for service staff members and we have dedicated the past two months developing better solutions. With this release we are introducing New and Improved Sync as well as new Mobile Friendly Layouts!

dashboard_proposals Work Orders

Improved Offline Sync – Field technicians often work in areas with no cellular data or wifi internet connection. With the newly enhanced sync capabilities, that is no longer a problem. After a one-time setup process, users can switch to an offline mode which will allow a technician to check in to a work order, deliver parts, complete tasks, and document work. Then when you are have an internet connection again, you can quickly reconnect and sync your data. This will work on laptops and iOS tablets & phones.

Mobile Friendly Layouts – The iPoint layout has often been a challenge on iPhones due to the small screen size. But we fix that in this release with all new, mobile friendly layouts. Currently available for the home screen and the work order module, these layouts make it easier to navigate and simplify the process to complete a work order.

There are plans to create mobile layouts for other modules in the future.

dashboard_salesorders Sales Orders

Remove product Requests in the Product Manager – We have simplified the removal of a product request in the product manager. Now you can simply clear the requested column check box to “un-request” an item from the purchasing department.

dashboard_accounting Accounting

Dynamic Line Move – When you invoice is generated by iPoint, sometimes you would like to rearrange the order of the lines. iPoint now gives you two options to change the display order of lines on an invoice.

dashboard_items Items

Master Packs – If you purchase items from your vendor in bulk, you will find Master Packs helpful. If your vendor has a SKU for one bag of fittings, for example, you can now receive that one bag as individual pieces. So a PO line item for 1 bag of 250 inserts will be received as 250 inserts… not one bag.

dashboard_settings Settings

Custom Work Order names – You now have complete control over the name of your work orders. Don’t like the default name? Simply modify it to your liking.

Additional Features Change Log

  • Notification for Parts request from Work Order/Project
  • Permission for Proposal to Sales Order – limits / gives access to convert proposal to sales order
  • New hovers on invoice footer fields
  • Permission: Proposal view only assigned – restricts a user to only view their proposals
  • Permission: Work Order Add Parts Price override – allows user to edit price when you are adding parts on a WO/Project
  • Module Settings:
    • Work Order Default all service type as billable
    • Require a project for a Work Order
    • Default “Check In” alert and Default “Check Out” alert (different from the work order specific alert)
    • Purchase Order: omit shipping instructions in the subject of a PO email
  • Can delete all the times=an item is an accessory on other items

That’s the list for this release. We know there are LOTS of changes. It is our desire to make iPoint solve the issues you face with your business.

Remember, we are here if you need us.
Call our support line, Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm Central time for live support: 1-800-535-4101
You can also email us any time:

Thanks for your support!

iPoint Mission Statement: We create perceptive solutions to solve everyday problems and offer procedural wisdom to help businesses increase profitability and reduce chaos through organized workflow, processes, communication, and documentation.

iPoint Control Streamlines QuickBooks® Data Transfer and Synchronization

New Update Improves Business Management and Mobile Workflows

TOPEKA, Kan. — Nov. 10, 2016 — iPoint LLC, a full-service business management software provider serving the home technology market, today announced a new update to iPoint Control that furthers the integration between the business management platform and QuickBooks®. With this update, iPoint Control users can seamlessly transfer data from iPoint into QuickBooks as well as sync to QuickBooks Online from any Windows, Mac, or iOS device.

“iPoint leads the pack when it comes to truly integrated accounting,” said Brooks Swift, founder and CEO of iPoint. “We have worked diligently to create a seamless experience from every angle of business management. This update enables dealers to be more efficient and productive by eliminating duplicate steps in their accounting process. With the new sync online capabilities, users can unchain the workflow from their computer and stay up-to-date on invoices and payments wherever they are.”

Deeper integration between iPoint Control and QuickBooks Desktop ensures that all customers, invoices, purchase orders, items, payments, and supporting data can push from iPoint to QuickBooks. This functionality keeps non-accounting personnel out of QuickBooks, improves inventory control, and eliminates duplicate data entry. In addition, the update adds QuickBooks online syncing capability alongside iPoint Control’s existing desktop syncing feature. And with the mobile power of iPoint, users can create a new customer, invoice, and payment receipt all from their iOS device and sync that data to QuickBooks Online at one time.

More information about iPoint and the iPoint Control platform is available at