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iPoint version 6.02.04

The focus of our first update in 2017 is Technician’s usability in the field. Our most frequent user requests are to improve the functionality for service staff members and we have dedicated the past two months developing better solutions. With this release we are introducing New and Improved Sync as well as new Mobile Friendly Layouts!

dashboard_proposals Work Orders

Improved Offline Sync – Field technicians often work in areas with no cellular data or wifi internet connection. With the newly enhanced sync capabilities, that is no longer a problem. After a one-time setup process, users can switch to an offline mode which will allow a technician to check in to a work order, deliver parts, complete tasks, and document work. Then when you are have an internet connection again, you can quickly reconnect and sync your data. This will work on laptops and iOS tablets & phones.

Mobile Friendly Layouts – The iPoint layout has often been a challenge on iPhones due to the small screen size. But we fix that in this release with all new, mobile friendly layouts. Currently available for the home screen and the work order module, these layouts make it easier to navigate and simplify the process to complete a work order.

There are plans to create mobile layouts for other modules in the future.

dashboard_salesorders Sales Orders

Remove product Requests in the Product Manager – We have simplified the removal of a product request in the product manager. Now you can simply clear the requested column check box to “un-request” an item from the purchasing department.

dashboard_accounting Accounting

Dynamic Line Move – When you invoice is generated by iPoint, sometimes you would like to rearrange the order of the lines. iPoint now gives you two options to change the display order of lines on an invoice.


Master Packs – If you purchase items from your vendor in bulk, you will find Master Packs helpful. If your vendor has a SKU for one bag of fittings, for example, you can now receive that one bag as individual pieces. So a PO line item for 1 bag of 250 inserts will be received as 250 inserts… not one bag.

dashboard_settings Settings

Custom Work Order names – You now have complete control over the name of your work orders. Don’t like the default name? Simply modify it to your liking.

Additional Features Change Log

  • Notification for Parts request from Work Order/Project
  • Permission for Proposal to Sales Order – limits / gives access to convert proposal to sales order
  • New hovers on invoice footer fields
  • Permission: Proposal view only assigned – restricts a user to only view their proposals
  • Permission: Work Order Add Parts Price override – allows user to edit price when you are adding parts on a WO/Project
  • Module Settings:
    • Work Order Default all service type as billable
    • Require a project for a Work Order
    • Default “Check In” alert and Default “Check Out” alert (different from the work order specific alert)
    • Purchase Order: omit shipping instructions in the subject of a PO email
  • Can delete all the times=an item is an accessory on other items

That’s the list for this release. We know there are LOTS of changes. It is our desire to make iPoint solve the issues you face with your business.

Remember, we are here if you need us.
Call our support line, Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm Central time for live support: 1-800-535-4101
You can also email us any time: support@ipointsolutions.net.

Thanks for your support!

iPoint Mission Statement: We create perceptive solutions to solve everyday problems and offer procedural wisdom to help businesses increase profitability and reduce chaos through organized workflow, processes, communication, and documentation.

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iPoint version 5.08.20

Welcome to the August 2016 iPoint update. We are excited to bring more than 30 enhancements to your desktops and tablets this month. Here is a breakdown of each of the enhancements by module along with some tutorial videos to provide more detail.

dashboard_proposals Proposals

LOCATIONS / GROUPS IN DESIGNER – When you add a part to a proposal or change order, you will notice an expanded parts tab which simplifies the process of selecting what Location and Group you want to put the part. No more drop down lists… it is all right there on the pop-over.

DEFAULT LOCATION ON CUSTOMER – When setting up your customer, you can create a default list of rooms / locations to be used on any new proposal you create. This streamlines the setup of new proposals for your existing customers.

ITEM COLOR DETAILS – When you add a part to your proposal, you can now adjust the color of the item on the item details pop-over without changing the master item characteristics. And the adjusted color will also push through to the purchase order.

dashboard_salesorders Sales Orders

MULTIPLE CHANGE ORDERS – Your sales orders can now have multiple ongoing change orders. You don’t have to finalize one before starting another. Much like proposal revisions, only one change order can be active at a given time. But the ability exists to bounce between change orders. This feature must be enabled on settings.

          Go to: Settings > Module Settings > Proposals > Options > Check “Require Change Order Approval”

VIEW REVISIONS FROM SALES ORDERS – Proposal Revisions are now visible from the Sales Order on the Reports Tab. This is for reference purposes so you can see the history of proposal revisions that got us to the current Sales Order.

dashboard_projects Projects  & dashboard_workorders Work Orders

WORK ORDER AGING – Next time you look at your work orders, you’ll notice a new sort option by Aging. This will let you quickly find old work orders that are not getting addressed by displaying the list in the order the work orders were created.

PARTS REQUEST – Hey technicians, have you ever wanted to request a part to be ordered for the job you are working on? Now you can! Parts can be sent to the Purchase Request Manager from Projects and Work Orders as well as the Sales Order.

MANUAL TIME ENTRY – If you don’t have cell coverage on your job, or maybe you just forgot to check in and out of a job, you can now manually enter your time on the job with a convenient Manual Time Entry.

WORK ORDER TIMES – When you clock out of one work order and into another, iPoint will automatically fill in the few minutes of space it takes to push the appropriate buttons. This cleans up our time card functionality. This cleans up our time card functionality when pushing time to QuickBooks for payroll.

dashboard_accounting Accounting

ESTIMATES – Sometimes a proposal is more detailed then you need to present a customer. Now you can generate a quick estimate for a couple of products. This isn’t a replacement for the Proposal process, but will help streamline some of the simple quotes you create.

JOB MARKUP – Invoices can now display the total markup, both as a dollar and percent value. This does not print on your customer’s invoice, but displays on the invoice screen unless the option is selected in settings to hide the markup.

          Go to: Settings > Module Settings > Invoices: check “Hide the Markup Field on invoice layout”

ITEM COSTS – With the correct permissions, you can now edit the cost of an item directly on the invoice.

dashboard_contacts Contacts

NEW CONTACTS – You will notice a new option under Contacts. In addition to customers, you can create contacts. Now you can enter an electrician, builder, or an individual and tie them to multiple Customers. This is part of our upcoming CRM enhancements.

CUSTOMER ITEMS – You now have more control over the items you see in a customer’s Items list. Edit the installation date, location name, serial numbers, and manufacturer. You can even hide the items if you no longer want them to display in the list. This is available on the Customer’s “Items” tab > click on the pencil icon of the part your want to edit.

DEFAULT LOCATIONS ON CUSTOMER – When setting up your customer, you can create a default list of rooms / locations to be used on any new proposal you create. This streamlines the setup of new proposals for your existing customers.

A NEW PINK DOT – In the customer list, any customer that didn’t sync with QuickBooks during a bulk sync will be marked with a pink dot (instead of the green dot). This makes it easier for you to quickly find problems with customer sync issues.


ENHANCED ITEM ALLOCATIONS – the Allocations tab for item stock now shows if the product was allocated requested from an invoice, work order or project, in addition to the sales order. This also speeds up navigation to the associated record. On an Item click the “Stock” tab and select the “Allocations” tab at the top of the items used list.



IMPROVED RE-ORDER LIST – We have enhanced the ability to request store stock from the Inventory Re-Order List to make it easier for you to pick and choose what you want to request.

dashboard_pos Purchase Orders

PURCHASE ORDERS have been enhanced to provide direct links to the documents where a part was requested. Jump right to the Sales Order, Invoice, or Work Order with the click of a single button. We also indicate if the item was requested for Store Stock.

PACKING SLIPS – If you have vendors drop ship product to your customers, you can now create a packing slip for your vendor to include in the shipment. This will help create branding for the product you have shipped on your behalf. This can be found on a Purchase Order under Options > Advanced: press the “Packing Slip” button.

ITEM UPDATES – Now you can quickly update an item’s information from the Purchase Order. If a price or description changes, we will prompt you to update the item master, so all your details will stay current and up-to-date.

PURCHASE ORDER SYNC ICON – If you receive your purchase item receipts in QuickBooks rather than iPoint, we now have an option for you to change the orange QB Sync dot to green. This option disables the item push receipt function. This is the Override Item Push checkbox in the QuickBooks pop-over of a Purchase Order.

dashboard_settings Settings

CUSTOM TEMPLATES – You now have greater control over merge fields on the cover page and custom headers of your templates. In addition to changing what data fields you include on your custom reports, you can now justify text left, centered, or right.

We’ve enhanced our payment notification – If your customer pays three invoices with one check, the sales person on each invoice can receive notice of the payment.

          Go to: Module Settings > Notification Builder: Notification Trigger is “Invoice Payment Received”

We’ve added support for Canadian Tax Codes and Canadian QuickBooks.

          Go to: Settings > Module Settings > QuickBooks > Registration: check “Canada”

You now have control over the size of text in Snippets.

          Go to: Settings > Module Settings > Proposals > Additional Options (at the bottom): check “Override Snippet Font Size”

Invoices can now print for Single or Double window envelopes

          Go to: Settings > Module Settings > Invoices: choose Single Window or Double Window (at the bottom of the screen)

You can now choose whether to make the Technical Designer as the Invoice Rep 2 or not.

          Go to: Settings > Module Settings > Proposals > Additional Options (at the bottom): check “Use Tech Designer as Invoice Sales Rep 2”

dashboard_reports Reports

COMMISSION REPORT ENHANCEMENTS – We’ve added two enhancements to the commission reports. You’ve always been able to run the commission report based on profit or sales, but now you can pay your labor commission based on profit and your parts commission based on sales (or vice versa). And if you are using the RFP invoice process, the SO report now includes RFP payments in the percentage paid calculation (before it just included payments applied to delivery invoices).

dashboard_calendar Calendar

GOOGLE CALENDARS – iPoint can now interface with your Google Calendar for added visibility to your schedules. With a little setup, your Google Calendar can display your work orders and events directly from iPoint.

EVENT ENHANCEMENTS – Creating a multi-resource, multi person event on the calendar has gotten easier! Now you can quickly choose multiple people as you create your event and it will automatically be placed on all the individual’s calendars. And if your meeting is cancelled, deleting one event will remove all the linked events on everyone’s calendar. (Note: This does not work with Work Orders and this feature doesn’t sync with Google calendars.)

dashboard_dashboard Dashboard

CURRENT CHECK IN – iOS users will now see what work order they are currently checked into on the iPoint dashboard. This is a feature that was previously only available on the desktop PCs.

dashboard_quickbooks QuickBooks

SYNC WITH QUICKBOOKS – We’ve streamlined the process to sync multiple documents at one time to QuickBooks. With a quick sort, you can sync all your un-synced Purchase Orders, Invoices, Customers, or Vendors from their respective lists in Options.

That’s the list for this release. We know there are LOTS of changes. It is our desire to make iPoint solve the issues you face with your business.

Remember, we are here if you need us.
Call our support line, Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm Central time for live support: 1-800-535-4101
You can also email us any time: support@ipointsolutions.net.

Thanks for your support!

iPoint Mission Statement: We create perceptive solutions to solve everyday problems and offer procedural wisdom to help businesses increase profitability and reduce chaos through organized workflow, processes, communication, and documentation.

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iPoint version 5.02.18

New Advanced Payment Functions

With our new Advanced Payment Functions you can now perform all payment functions in iPoint without any help from QuickBooks.

  • Receive a deposit and save as a credit
  • Apply a single payment to multiple invoices
  • Apply available credits to invoices
  • Sync it all with QuickBooks

Its A Smorgasbord of Bulk

We have been working hard so you don’t have to, and have finally finished a much anticipated feature in our Proposal Designer. Bulk functions are finally here and we think you’ll really appreciate the new power they you to make big changes. Here is a list of a few of our favorite’s!

  • Create new proposal from selected allows you to grab a batch of items and spin of a brand new proposal
  • Re Price on Margin will allow you to update all the selected items prices based on a  fixed margin
  • Quantity will make quick work of changing a  group of wire runs in a specific location

Streamlined Notifications

When it comes to sending notifications, we have a ton a triggers and parameters, but because of all that power and flexibility, it was sometimes a daunting task to build them all. Well, we heard you, and we streamlined the creation and management of the notifications. We also added a new function that allows you to easily notify many people from a  single notification.

The Check Box Completes The Task!

Say What!!! You mean when I check the box on the task list it actually completes the task? Yeah Yeah we know, that one seemed obvious and we have bowed to the wishes of the masses. So now, on the mobile version of the task list, you’ll notice the check box has a new look and when you check the box the task is immediately completed. Your welcome ;)

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iPoint version 4.08.16

The Dashboard is completely redesigned for a more modern look, we changed Team Tasks so much that we felt obligated to rename it to Assignments, the Calendar received an overhaul, Custom Templates are now much more customizable, and much more!

Introducing Assignments

Team Tasks was great, but didn’t you wish you could add a note or an attachment to a task right from a proposal or a PO? From the team that brought you barcode scanning, iPoint is proud to introduce Assignments! Add an assignment to your boss, your coworker, or your minion from anywhere in iPoint and the functionality is the exact same as if you were in the Assignments Module. Check out the video for more information.

Increased Calendar Functionality

Project Milestones, loads of new settings, the Calendar has some awesome improvements this go around that you definitely should check out. You can now also select individual people whose calendars you want to see, so you don’t have to create a whole new calendar group just to see a couple of people’s calendars together.  Watch out the video to learn more!

New in Proposals and Sales Orders

Lots of great stuff here! We’ve added a picture book so you can sell AV gear to 2 year olds (or customers that really like visuals). You can now add a customized data list so you can require certain questions be answered before the designer is entered, a sales order is archived, etc. We added more space for notes on the client proposal so you can type to your hearts content. Check out the video to see even more cool things we added.

Custom Templates

You can now Customize your custom templates to an extreme degree in iPoint.  You are now in control of your contract page, your grand totals section, what’s shown/hidden on your client proposal by default, and your payment schedule with each custom template you make. Check out the video for more information.

Other Noteworthy Changes

Dashboard – Updated for a cleaner more modern look.  We’ve also added a message board that Admin users can edit to alert users of any noteworthy messages.

POs & Master Packs – The details button on a PO will now turn Orange if the item is a member of a master pack so you are aware that you can order it in bulk if you want to.

Coming Soon to an iPoint Near You

Your diligent iPoint team has listened to you and we are hard at work to improve the Contacts Module into a full-blown CRM. We have plans to separate current customers from leads and provide pipeling fields so you can better track your needs and estimate potential sales. We also have plans to enhance email features including scheduling reminders, bulk newsletter emails, and more.  Excited? So are we!

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iPoint version 4.06.24

Change Order Improvements

Have you ever wished that you could require a customer to sign off on a change order before it takes effect? Have you wanted to remove 1 or 2 units of an item without removing the whole line on a change order? Have you ever removed an item, but you didn’t want to credit your client for the item?

Now you can do all that and more!  Check out the video and the companion Work Flow to see the whole slew of new features with Sales Orders.

Barcode Scanning Comes to iPoint

Sick of having to look up items by manufacturer? Wish you could scan what your customers are buying just like every other retailer? Want to scan in items to receive them on a PO?

Yep, iPoint can do all this now!  Check out the video to learn more about barcodes in the Items and Inventory modules and check out the Change Log to see everywhere in iPoint you can use barcodes.

 Purchasing & Inventory Module Enhancements

New in iPoint, you can now order items from an existing PO. You can also take items you’ve ordered for stock and allocate them to a sales order. We’ve also added a Transfer/Request Form where you can request items be ordered for a specific location or you can easily transfer your stock from one location to another.

New in Projects

iPoint has taken some great strides in making billing for project and work orders more straight forward.  We’ve also add a project summary report to so you can send your customers a nice report for the whole project.  In addition, you can now mark a note as internal, so that it won’t show up on any customer reports.

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iPoint version 4.03.24

Improved Designer

Tired of scrolling through endless rows of accessories?  Wish you could always see your proposal totals without sacrificing the speed of scrolling?

You can now collapse and expand master products in your designs to show or hide accessories.  We’ve also enhanced the speed of scrolling through the design so much so that you no longer need to hide your totals to improve the speed

Record Expenses in iPoint

New in iPoint, you can now record your expenses for your work orders and projects.  You can also view the associated expenses from your sales order.

With this new feature, we’ve also created an expense report so you can keep track of who is spending what and when.  You can access this report from the Reports section, or right from the sales order, project, or work order.

Draft Standardized Emails with Merge Fields

From iPoint’s Settings you can now create customized email messages that will be auto-populated whenever you email out an invoice, change order, proposal, or change order.  You can insert merge fields like your customer’s name to give your emails a nice personal touch while keeping your messaging consistent and efficient.

We’ve also enabled you to pick the first and last status options for your proposals, sales orders, and invoices in the pop-up list section of Settings.  Now whenever you change the status to the last one, iPoint will prompt you to archive, helping you keep your data less cluttered.

Add Team Tasks Anywhere

You can now add team tasks right from a proposal, sales order, or a customer record.  This greatly enhances your ability to communicate with your coworkers and ensure that everyone is on the same page and getting the job done.

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iPoint version 4.03.01

Brand New Training Website!

Ever come across a feature you want to know more about?  Want to understand how the iPoint modules work together?  Visit the iPoint Training Webpage today!

Here you can find videos and user manuals for every module as well as handy workflows to help you use iPoint to its full capacity.  

This page is located under the Support menu, and you will need to create a free account to access it (different from your iPoint login credentials).  Click here to get started.

Enhanced Work Order Screens

Ever want to add a work order to an existing project?  Ever get confused on what product a task is for?

You can now link your work orders to existing projects & RMA tickets.  In addition, you can create brand new projects or RMA tickets right from a work order.  You can also view more information about the products so you’re never confused about what part the task calls for.

Complete Work Order Tasks in Bulk

Tired of having to go through each task to mark it as complete?  Wish there was a faster way to mark all products as delivered?  Tired of having to view multiple tabs to add information for one task?

You’re in luck!  We’ve added the ability for you to complete tasks and deliver products in bulk from a work order.  From the iPad, you can also complete tasks and add notes and media to the task all from the same tab.

Item Search & Improved Inventory Module

Want a more specific way to search for items?  Looking for an improved way to order product you are running low on?

Now in iPoint, you can use Find Mode to find the exact item you’re looking for using any criteria you want.  We’ve also updated the Inventory Module so you can quickly add stock items you’re low on to the purchasing manager.


Make Invoices Work for You

You can now re-arrange your invoice line items and also see a log of all the times someone views, prints, or emails an invoice.

 New in Sales Orders: Added Parts

You can now include your added parts from a work order or project to an existing change order.  You can also add these parts to an existing invoice or create a new invoice for them from the Sales Order Module.

 Substitute Items with Ease

You can substitute like items in a sales order or in a purchase order.

 QuickBooks Sync User MUST READ

With this update comes a small change to the customer sync function. We have added support for syncing the Customer Type Field and the Job Type Field. Because of this new function you must perform a quick sync BEFORE you can sync any new contacts. Go to Settings->QuickBooks->Customers Tab->Click Sync Customer Types AND Click Sync Job Types. Thats it! You can add new customer and job types from this same location, just make sure to sync with QuickBooks after any changes.