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How Can iPoint Help You?

Looking for a single platform that can deliver a clear workflow for your entire team? iPoint will deliver where other programs have promised and failed. Designed specifically for the Audio Video and Control industry by industry experts.

Too Good To Be True You Say!

We love a challenge…

What Do Our Clients Have To Say?

Switching to iPoint has been a game changer for both my business and personal life. No longer is my desk cluttered with piles of client folders and paperwork. This software pays for itself.

The techs like the ability to have paperless work orders, view the schedule, and an easy way to document job notes. I know where the techs are and how much time they spend on a job site.

iPoint has been a great tool for organizing our schedule and designing proposals. By far the best system for our industry we have used and we look forward to more amazing things to come!

Setting up a new piece of software as powerful as iPoint takes some time. There is data to migrate, new procedures to create and a steep learning curves to overcome. But the iPoint team was patient with us as we tried to run our business and upgrade our systems simultaneously. They provided hours of technical support and never once made us feel like we were “stupid for not knowing how to proceed”.

Lewis Audio Video, Portland Oregon

We’ve been integrating iPoint over the last few months.  We are impressed with the software and have only begun to scratch the surface of what it can do.  Throughout the process, the training and support from Brooks and his team has been phenomenal.  Of the numerous service and software providers we deal with, the service provided by iPoint has proven to be head and shoulders above the rest. A Big thanks to the iPoint team!

Shawn Bookter, Refined Systems, LLC Spring, TX

Our Proven Process, Produces Consistent Results

1. Design

Proposal & Design software built for the everyday user. No college degree required! Comprehensive tools to close more deals.

2. Sales Order

Stock management and purchasing along with progressive billing gives you complete control of your Sales Order work flow.

3. Project

Delegate tasks and parts for installation. Resource based scheduling gives you clear visibility into technician availability.

4. Changes

Track all changes from customers and along with parts and time added by the field in clearly defined Change Orders.

5. Service

Track and bill for service work in real time. Automated invoice creation from field work orders provides improved cash flow.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. – Steve Jobs

No Watered Down Apps Here! Complete Mobile Access From Anywhere.

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What Is iPoint?


Sales Orders


Project Management


QuickBooks Integration

iPoint is the only application that gives you completely integrated 2-way QuickBooks sync. Other solutions claim to sync with QuickBooks, but they use half baked short cut methods that leave you with incomplete data, require you to manually import, or require you to utilize a 3rd party for additional support. iPoint uses a true 2-way sync and actually links your Customers, Products, Accounts, Invoices, Purchases Orders, Received Payments, Payment Types, Terms  and Chart of Accounts with the related QuickBooks records.

See It For Yourself!


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iPoint Control All Inclusive Package $3,499

Each additional User License $299

Includes iPoint Control, QuickBooks Sync, All Server Software, File Setup, Data import from existing solution, QuickBooks Sync and as much live technical support and training as needed.

Monthly Maintenance

Server and primary account $150 + $45 for each additional active user

Includes all perpetual software licensing, all iPoint new features and upgrades, server management, ongoing live technical support and training.

Wait… there’s an upfront cost and a monthly Maintenance? 

Yep, but let us explain why. When you purchase a cloud only system like that intelligent office software, you don’t have an up front charge, BUT if you decide that the intelligent office isn’t so smart any more, all your data is gone as in poof, up in smoke, hasta la vista baby. Good luck getting the intelligent office guys to let you download all your data ( we’ve tried ), let alone  then you have to figure out how to make sense of the data they did let you download. Now if you purchased a traditional software like that tool company, then you have a local installation with all your data on your own server. Great! Except now, because of the traditional architecture your cloud connectivity sucks. They try and come up with quasi solutions, but they don’t get the job done. In addition you are likely still paying them for software maintenance anyway. And then there’s iPoint, and we play for both teams. We have a traditional software platform that you purchase your licenses for. Thats the up front price which also covers all the live training and on boarding. But iPoint was built to be a cloud service meaning you can accesses it from anywhere and use it on all your iOS mobile devices along with PC and MAC from anywhere in the world. The other great thing about cloud software is you don’t have to worry about a server and we have that covered too! Our monthly maintenance covers the management of your server by iPoint technicians so all you have to do is plug in the computer and we take it from there. There is no other offering like it! All the benefits of traditional and cloud  software wrapped up in one fantastic solution.

The 30 day Guarantee

iPoint is designed to start paying for itself immediately. We guarantee, with iPoint, you immediately see the value in the streamlined processes iPoint will infuse into your business. Our goal is to increase your productivity by a minimum of 5%. If your company generates 1 million dollars in annual revenue, thats an additional $50,000 in revenue which translates into an average of $22,000 gross profit. And the best part, the bigger you are the bigger the impact iPoint will make on your bottom line! However, if for any reason during the first 30 days you decide iPoint is not for you, we will immediately give you an unconditional 100% refund.

Meet the iPoint Staff


Brooks Swift: Founder and CEO

Brooks loves being outdoors spending time with his family at the beach, scuba diving, hunting and occasionally throwing down on Halo.


Rob Marks: VP Development & Support

Rob enjoys spending time with his wife and baby daughter as well as fixing up their house in Minneapolis. Other activities include snowboarding, shower singing, and traveling.


Brian Good: VP Sales and Marketing

Not your typical sales guy, Brian takes the time to understand what it will take to create your easy button and then makes it happen.


Kelli Swift: Accounting

When not busy crunching numbers, Kelli enjoy’s spending time by the pool catching some rays and enjoying a good book


Dave Maurer: Dir. of Training & Support

Dave is a music buff and when he isn’t playing trumpet or collecting records, he enjoys riding his bicycle or exploring the Pacific Northwest with his wife, Jen.


Andy Frazier: Developer

Born and raised in Boston, Andy enjoys creating things that help, enrich, or just amuse. In addition to his developer credentials, he has a degree in music from Berklee College of Music.


Chris Kuhn: Developer & Support

A native Southern Californian, Chris’ greatest satisfaction is creating products that make people happy. He enjoys coaching his sons’ soccer team and playing in the desert fixing his boys’ toys.


Bill Pelfrey: Support Specialist 

Bill lives in the Red River Gorge of Eastern Kentucky and enjoys spending time with his wife and kids. An ordained minister, Bill serves at his church in multiple capacities. In his free time he enjoys the outdoors, music and reading.